Mnemonic for Memorizing the 12 Tribes of Israel

After unsuccessfully searching online for a mnemonic to help memorize the 12 Tribes (in order) for my impending OT final exam, I decided to come up with my own. And it totally works! Within 3 tries, I had all 12 down. Here it is.

Rowdy sailors love jewish dough nuts. Going all in zero joy brings.

  1. Rowdy = Reuben
  2. Sailors = Simeon
  3. Love = Levi
  4. Jewish = Judah
  5. Dough = Dan
  6. Nuts = Naphtali
  7. Going = Gad
  8. All = Asher
  9. In = Issachar
  10. Zero = Zebulun
  11. Joy = Joseph
  12. Brings = Benjamin

(I know the last part it a little Yoda-esque, but that’s what you get from a Star Wars geek.)

Now you all can ace your OT exams, sunday school tests, or youth group Bible quizzes.

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  1. Joseph wasn’t a tribe. A son yes, but not a tribe.
    Tribes are:
    Ephraim (in the line of Joseph)
    Manasseh (in the line of Joseph)

  2. Catchy, I love these things. But your mnemonic matches the twelve sons of Jacob, not the twelve tribes. It does give great inspiration for coming up with one though, thanks.

    • How about:
      Rowdy – Reuben
      Sailors – Simeon
      Enjoy. – Ephraim
      Jewish – Judah
      Dough – Dan
      Nuts – Naphtali
      Going – Gad
      All – Asher
      In – Issachar
      Means – Manasseh
      Losing – Levi
      Big – Benjamin
      Zeros – Zebulun

  3. I like this mnemonic better:

    Remember, Some Levis Jeans Do Not Get An Included Zipper. Just Buttons.

  4. I have the 12 tribes of Israel as:
    Really Serious Jews Investigate Zion’s Gates And Do Not Eat Much Bacon.

    Then for the 12 sons of Jacob I simply add “Levi Jeans.” Levi is inserted as the 3rd son. And Jeans (Joseph) is the father of (replacing) Ephraim & Manasseh.

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