Courtship Conversations from Joshua Harris

In his book Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship, Joshua Harris provides some excellent date ideas with activities and conversation topics. He describes these as opportunities for “purposeful romance,” designed to spark fun experiences and meaningful discussions. These date ideas alone are worth the price of the book.

The “Eight Great Dates” are:

  1. The Story of Me – Share childhood memories, photos, etc.
  2. Who’s Cooking Tonight? – Plan and cook a meal together
  3. Do You Boggle? – Play a competitive game together
  4. Sunday Morning Surprise – Visit a church together
  5. It Takes Two – Do a craft project together
  6. Kids on the Loose – Babysit a large family of kids together
  7. Show Me the Money – Find the best dinner for under $10
  8. Still Going Strong – Have lunch or dinner with a longtime married couple

Sample #1 – The Story of Me

The Date: Each person gets one evening to share his or her baby book or other photos and reminisce about his or her story from arrival to now

The Conversation: Discuss best memories, worst memories, old friends, teachers. Use the questions as prompters to get to know each other before you met.

Tips: Some of us have had less than happy childhoods. Don’t pressure for more or deeper information than the other wants to share. This should be a fun time, so far as possible. Emphasize the positive, and celebrate God’s hand at work in and through your pasts.

Welcome to the world

  • Where were you born, and what were the circumstances?
  • How did you get your name and why?
  • How did the rest of the family receive you?
  • Were you cute, funny-looking, sweet or cranky, active or quiet?

Off to school (and other adventures)

  • What are your earliest memories?
  • How did you handle the first day of school?
  • Who were you favorite teachers and subjects?
  • Who were you best friends?
  • How were you disciplined?
  • How did you get along with parents?
  • What did you dream of becoming when you were little?

Deeper questions for you and me…

  • When did you first put your faith in Jesus?
  • What were the saddest and happiest points in your childhood?
  • How did you change during adolescence and high school?
  • Looking back now, how did you see God at work in your life to now?

If this sounds like a fun date, go get the book. It’ll be worth it.

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 有天他和战友聚 会,给我发短信说:老婆,和这帮孙子 一起太无聊了!你打电话叫我回去,温 柔点我开免提。 我美滋滋的打过去:老 公,怎么还不回来?只听老公说:烦不 烦,记住以后该管的管,不该管的少 管!然后电话就挂了……我次奥……不带 这么吭媳妇的绝对吃货。。

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